SEMINAR: El Niño and Marine Ecosystems

Dr. Antonietta Capotondi is a Physical Oceanographer at NOAA's Earth System Reserach Laboratory who studies the influence of large-scale ocean circulation in climate variability and change using observations, climate models, as well as Linear Inverse Models (LIMs). A major topic of interest is El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO), with emphasis on its dynamics, diversity, decadal modulation, precursors, and impacts.

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Research Interests:

  • ENSO diversity and its impacts
  • Oceanic climate variability and change relevant for biology
  • Decadal Variability
  • Coastal upwelling and its relationship with leading modes of climate variability


El Niño Diversity and its Implications for the US West Coast Marine Ecosystems



El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) is the leading mode of variability in the tropical Pacific at interannual timescales, with worldwide impacts. In the Pacific sector, in particular, it is well known that ENSO has a large influence on the US West Coast marine ecosystem, and enhances the predictability of that ecosystem. However, large uncertainties remain on the detailed impacts of individual ENSO events. These event-to-event differences, which are very critical for stakeholders and decision-making, are associated with both the diversity of ENSO events, as well as the large level of internal atmospheric noise. In this talk, I will first review the processes by which ENSO influences the US West Coast marine ecosystem, I will then outline the key features of ENSO diversity that can lead to differences in impact, examine the predictability of different ENSO flavors, and discuss the role played by atmospheric noise. Finally, promising avenues for detecting the predictable component of the US West Coast marine ecosystem forcing functions, given the tropical Pacific conditions, will be examined.


If you are interested in talking with Dr. Capotondi, please contact Shellby Miller (below).

Event Details


  • Thursday, May 25, 2017
    10:00 am - Friday, May 26, 2017
    10:59 am
Location: Environmental Science and Technology Building, Room L1118

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  • Dr. Antonietta Capotondi

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